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As a local institution, you offer your members better service than they could get at a large bank. We do the same for you. Our team can update your visual identity, build a new digital presence, launch marketing campaigns, and anything in between but with the attention and care that you won’t get from a larger agency.

A better creative approach
Financial services is known for stale marketing. Let us transform your marketing creative into an identity as unique as your institution.
Leverage the power of community
Local banks and credit unions have grown through the sense of community within their banking offering. As more banking interactions shift to online-only, it's important to deploy marketing strategies to improve client experienced and amplify engagement.
Scale with confidence
By partnering with Finovo, you can achieve instant marketing scale without the need to hire. By working with us, you work with a digital agency who can help you firm grow through strategy and execution.

Our Services

Finovo offers best-in-class marketing solutions to help your firm grow. We have you covered, whether you’re looking to work with us on a one-off project, or partner on an ongoing basis.

Brand Identity
Website Development
Personalized Landing Pages
Rapid Prototyping
eCommerce Development
Social Media Management
Event Coordination
Community Management
Animated Explainer Videos
Case Study Videos
Promotional Videos
Marketing Strategy
Campaign Management
Technology Consulting
Digital Transformations

Client Experience

Top objective for 81% of credit unions

Improving customer experience is the top objective for 81% of credit unions, according to a survey from Cornerstone Advisors. Ensure your CX stands out above the rest by working with Finovo to better understand your audience and build a community that attracts new customers. 

Closing The Gap

Big banks catch up

A recent JD Power Survey shows big banks reducing the satisfaction gap with mid-size banks down to 4% from 18% a couple years prior. Amplify your marketing, message and creative to stand out and highlight your superior client experience.

Target Institution

Helping local institutions grow

Whether you’re a credit union or a community-based bank, we’re here to help institutions that are looking to amplify their growth. If you’re an institution looking to grow, build a sense of community with your members, and focus your marketing dollars toward goals that move the needle, Finovo is the firm for you.


Case Studies

Design, Development, Strategy
The credit union for REALTORS® completes a marketing overhaul in time for its campaign

Engagement Structure

Let's work together to launch your project, or support your organization's ongoing efforts.

Partner With Us
Provide your firm with instant marketing scale and continuity through a partnership with Finovo. After setting quarterly strategic objectives, Finovo will get to work as your new, multi-skilled marketing team. We host weekly marketing meetings, provide a transparent approach, and come equipped with the people and tools needed to build, launch and grow.
Per Project
Have a one-off project you’d like to get off the ground? Our team of designers, developers, marketers and technologists can help with your project, big or small. Whether we work together for three weeks or three months, we’ll see your project through to completion with dedication and skill.

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Matt and the Finovo Team pour their heart and soul into understanding your essence. Not just from a business perspective, but from a personal perspective as well. They amplified my business, magnified opportunities, and afforded my team the gift of time. It is with high regard that I say, if you have the opportunity to work with Matt and Finovo, you’d be a lucky soul.

Jonathan Satovsky

Satovsky Asset Management