Top 10 publisher of comic books in the nation gets a digital facelift

Vault is one of the largest publishers of comic books in the United States. Founded in 2016, Vault works with emerging and established creators to produce original, creator-owned comics and graphic novels in a variety of genres including, horror, science fiction, and fantasy.


Increase In Web Traffic


Increase in Visit Duration


Vault approached Finovo with a bifurcated website experience: an e-commerce store on Shopify and its main website built on WordPress. Due to limitations on the way both sites were built, the Vault team was limited in their ability to update their website to reflect new titles, products, or talent associated with the brand. As part of a digital overhaul, Finovo was asked to combine the sites and create a seamless user experience that would help fans access more of the content they love.


For the redesign, Finovo built Vault a captivating yet easy-to-maintain website, delivered a cohesive e-commerce experience, and incorporated the high level of creativity associated with the brand. 

Vault’s ever-expanding catalog of products and titles required a website that could grow alongside it. It was also imperative that the site be easy to self-manage and develop. To accomplish this, a plug-and-play system was laid out on WordPress. This meant that the Vault team could create a page—with all of the detailed functionalities that users expect on the front end—in just a few clicks.

Migrating the Vault store from Shopify to WooCommerce allowed Finovo to create a customized and streamlined shopping experience. Instead of being redirected to another website, customers are now shown merchandise related to the titles that they are browsing. This personalization and the ability to remain on one website throughout the entire shopping process contributed to an increase in time spent on the site and an improvement in sales. 

The overall design of the website emphasized Vault artist artwork to immerse fans into the comics that they love. The redesign also provided a natural flow to each page, encouraging more browsing and therefore more fan interaction on the website. Overall, the website was laid out to make Vault the go-to place for comic fans by encouraging readership, merchandise sales, and engagement.