United Capital

Industry CX leader launches a personal and powerful case study campaign

Before its acquisition by Goldman Sachs, United Capital was one of the largest RIAs in the country, serving over 21,000 clients and managing over $21 billion in assets. The firm led the industry with its cutting-edge technology, captivating marketing, and its ability to rapidly scale through mergers and acquisitions.


United Capital’s advisor acquisition marketing team entrusted Finovo to build a campaign around the success of advisors who merged with the company. This campaign needed to be inclusive and alluring—providing a lens through which any prospective advisor, no matter their career phase, would be able to see themselves and covet the advantages of joining a larger organization.


Finovo worked with United Capital to launch, “The Firm that CX Built.” This multi-faceted acquisition marketing campaign highlighted the financial benefits and tech-forward focus of the company in a highly personal and creative way. 

To start, Finovo created target personas to better understand the reasons why an advisor would look to join the firm. The next step would be to create case studies on a handful of United Capital advisors. Highlighting the dynamic nature of each advisor, as well as the company as a whole was of utmost importance and begged the question, “How could these case studies be brought to life?”

The answer to that question took Finovo on a multi-city tour to film interviews and footage at United Capital’s Dallas headquarters, as well as each advisor’s home city to capture them in their element and provide a true sense of personality to each case study. The case studies were launched in video and print formats to great praise.