Satovsky Asset Management

A boutique wealth management firm looks to engage its audience and build a sense of community.

Satovsky Asset Management (SAM) is a Registered Investment Advisor managing over $750 million in assets. While most firms in the industry approach client service through the lens of highlighting market performance, SAM’s approach leans into the combination of wisdom, wealth, and wellness—championing clients to achieve their personal goals while building generational wealth.


Increase in Web Traffic


Y/Y New Asset Flows


Finovo has worked with SAM on various marketing projects since 2017, including building its new website. In 2021, SAM approached Finovo looking to build a marketing strategy focused on engagement and growth across its HNW and UHNW client base.


Instead of hiring and onboarding multiple marketing team members, SAM found that Finovo’s Outsourced CMO solution could meet and exceed its needs. Partnering with Finovo offered SAM access to numerous resources, including designers, developers, marketers, and strategists that act as a natural extension of their team. As with all of its Outsourced CMO partners, Finovo worked with SAM’s executive team to set annual growth goals and formulate a plan to achieve those results. 

Apart from bigger picture strategy discussions, Finovo’s team has weekly meetings with SAM to share progress, discuss open items, and instate tasks for new initiatives. SAM also has an appointed Finovo team member that they know they can come to at any time with ideas or concerns.

Finovo’s first task was to create consistency across all SAM marketing channels—updating their creative presence online and on all client materials to create a cohesive brand identity. 

After this, emphasis was put on creating a world-class customer engagement strategy that evoked a strong sense of client care and community. To start, Finovo helped spearhead virtual client events that organically generated valuable referrals and lead to new clients. Finovo also amplified SAM’s client gifting experience by curating branded and high-end items to send on behalf of the company—expressing their commitment and care. 

Digital communication and social media were also crucial engagement components. While SAM’s CEO, Jonathan, was already proactive in running his personal social media accounts, Finovo would take over content management, curation, and creation for the SAM team—expanding their reach and thought leadership like never before. This also allowed for deeper strategy, ensured brand consistency, and facilitated a compliance process for all external communication. 

After less than a year, our partnership with SAM has contributed to their 24% increase in web traffic and 10% growth in new asset flows.