Leading provider of retirement plans looks to create customized web experiences for clients.

SageView Advisory Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor with over 200 employees located in 31 offices nationwide. Since 1989, the firm has provided unbiased retirement plan and wealth management consulting services to clients throughout the U.S., advising on more than $149 billion of client assets.


SageView administers retirement plans for large employers across the country. As part of its plan administration, the firm generates marketing materials, webinars, and other content specific to each client. SageView came to Finovo looking to build a unique and centralized web experience for each client’s retirement plan.


Finovo began the process by identifying the best chassis on which to build SageView’s web experience. By choosing WordPress, Finovo was able to offer the benefits of the most popular website platform in the world. Thanks to the system’s network of plugins, Finovo built a solution that was easily scalable and manageable by the SageView team. 

Now, SageView is able to quickly generate a new website for each client, including logos for customization and personalization of site information—all within a few clicks.