Award-winning healthcare company moves their website into modern times

ChartWise Medical Systems delivers comprehensive Clinical Documentation Integrity tools and high-value services that maximize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality of care for healthcare organizations across America.


ChartWise had an older website that was built prior to the existence of modern Wordpress editors. As a result, the ChartWise team was not able to update the website or add any content without going through a developer to hardcode any changes. Additionally, a soft refresh was need to coordinate the website design with the company’s recently updated brand identity.


The first step of the ChartWise website overhaul was to update fonts and colors to correlate with new branding. These seemingly simple changes gave the site an impactful, modernized look and feel. Once the design phase was completed, Finovo began the development process by building the new website on Wordpress using Elementor as a frontend editor. The simplicity of this new interface could be compared to a text editor, providing the ChartWise team with the much needed ability to edit any content on the website independently. 

Finovo’s partnership with ChartWise did not stop after the website was rebuilt. Its team’s satisfaction with the rebuild lead to ChartWise signing on with Finovo’s Managed Hosting solution. This truly beneficial offering grants the client proactive security monitoring, agency-managed updates, and concierge-level service for any website needs or concerns.