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Finovo was founded in 2017 to leverage our past experience in financial marketing to help fund MasonPay, our FinTech app aimed at helping the underserved pay down their credit card debt.

However, we quickly learned that few financial marketing firms offer end-to-end marketing services, thinking through strategy and execution. Those who do make sure you pay for it through their vague retainers including everything from SEO, to cookie cutter content, to taking out your trash on the weekends.

That inspired us to turn Finovo into the first financial marketing firm built with the mindset of a startup; working with firms representing $205B+ in client assets.

Combined Client AUM

Over $205B

Serving a Combined

1.2M clients

Our marketing budget

Under $100

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Animated explainer videos

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Data-driven strategy to achieve your goals

Marketing focused on ROI

Brand positioning, advertising, and social media

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Strategy consulting

Digital strategy consulting for firms over $1B AUM

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